Ukraine’s agribusiness: Investment opportunity

Analytical study

Ukraine is a flagship in grain, oilseed, and vegoil supply through building the reputation of a trustworthy source of raw materials. Rising exports attract potential investors not only into crop growing itself, but also into the related sectors, incl. inputs, crop conditioning, transportation and logistics, and transshipment.

It is worth noting that raw material prices are rather volatile with sales margin is not always high. This is one of many reasons for the investments not only in the raw material segment but also in into processing, in food industry.

Analyzing its customers’ inquiries for over 25 years of operation in the market, UkrAgroConsult made a reliable conclusion that investments have been focused into oilseed crushing and sea export terminal construction (apart from crop cultivation itself).

The most successful companies now invest in other links of the entire value chain aiming at better growing practices, build and upgrade inland elevators, buying of railcars, processing facilities.

The land market also opens up wide investment opportunities.

UkrAgroConsult suggests a few scenarios of further business development for companies seeking to retain their competitiveness, increase performance, develop and diversify business operations.

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


Ukraine: Macroeconomic overview

Agricultural production and export potential

Regional features of cultivation

General trends of grain and oilseeds production

Grain and oilseeds market prospects

Grain export trends

Natural risks

Laws and regulations

Ukraine: State support of agriculture

Land ownership, rental/lease rights, permanent use right

Agricultural land market

Investment regulation overview

Investment into Infrastructure

Storage facilities

Inland transportation Infrastructure

Transshipment terminals

Investment into inputs market

Farm mechanization

Supply of fertilizer, pesticide

Seeds market

Investments into crushing

Vegetable oils production. Market trends and perspectives

Market leaders. Capacities and crushing by crop, region and enterprise

Crude vegetable oils exports. Main destinations

TOP exporters and their share in the total exports

Investments into grain processing

Trends in the Ukrainian grain processing market

Food consumption of grain products (flour and grits)

Processing for industrial purposes

Foreign trade trends of deep processing products

Drivers, risks, prospects


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