Ukraine: Strategies in the Grain Products Market

Ukraine annually produces more than 60 MMT of grain and permanently increases the crop. The abundance of raw materials makes grain processing in Ukraine attractive to investors.

  • How does the grain processing sector develop?
  • What is the range of products produced in Ukraine?
  • What grain products Ukraine is short of?

Analytical study

The analytical study “Ukraine: Strategies in the Grain Products Market” presents an in-depth analysis of current trends and events in the agricultural market.

The study shows key development trends of the markets of wheat and corn products (flours, groats, feeds, starches, syrups). In addition, it looks into amino acid import trends by country and company.

Within this analytical study, UkrAgroConsult gave a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian market of grain products. It includes main market trends, supply and demand balances, and further development possibilities.

The analytical study contains an analysis of production, export and consumption developments by region, data on shipments via the Black Sea ports, and a ranking of Ukrainian producers and exporters.

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


Raw material resources. Demand and supply analysis

Dynamics of grain harvests

Export trends

Medium-term production and export forecasts

Trends of the Ukrainian corn processing market

Food consumption. Corn flour and groats

Processing for industrial purposes. Starch production. Top manufacturers

Starch foreign-trade trends. Key export and import markets

Market of corn deep-processing products

Product range. Trends in production of glucose-fructose syrups

Key export destinations

Foreign trade. Trends in imports of key corn products

Top importing/exporting companies

Key trends and drivers. The market’s size and development forecast

Market of wheat products

Food processing trends. Flour and groats market

Compound feed production and animal industry trends

Trends in global demand for wheat starch. Key importers

Trends in Ukraine’s key starch-consuming industries

Market of wheat deep-processing products

Wheat gluten

Global demand trends

Trends in gluten imports by Ukraine

Key suppliers

Market of amino acids

Dynamics and product range of supplies to Ukraine. Average prices

Key lysine-importing companies

Estimated size of the Ukrainian market

Conclusions and recommendations


This is a standard study. UkrAgroConsult is ready to prepare a custom study at your personal request.

Any study can be extended with more criteria. In addition, there is an option to buy only the statistic part (Database) in Excel format with no analytics or forecasts.

Statistic database

The statistics database represents a set of Excel tables giving a full picture of grain products market developments over recent years. It includes historical information on starch production, export and consumption dynamics by region, company, and country. In addition, the database contains figures for grain products shipments via the Black Sea ports, a ranking of Ukrainian exporters, and an estimate of the domestic market size.

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period of time. However, the period can be extended upon agreement with the customer.

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