Strategies in the grain products market

Strategies in the grain products market

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1. Raw material resources. Demand and supply analysis
1.1. Dynamics of grain harvests
1.2. Export trends
1.3. Medium-term production and export forecasts

2. Trends of the Ukrainian corn processing market
2.1. Food consumption. Corn flour and groats
2.2. Processing for industrial purposes. Starch production. Top manufacturers
2.3. Starch foreign-trade trends. Key export and import markets

3. Market of corn deep-processing products
3.1. Product range. Trends in production of glucose-fructose syrups
3.2. Key export destinations
3.3. Foreign trade. Trends in imports of key corn products
3.4. Top importing/exporting companies
3.5. Key trends and drivers. The market’s size and development forecast

4. Market of wheat products
4.1. Food processing trends. Flour and groats market
4.2. Compound feed production and animal industry trends
4.3. Trends in global demand for wheat starch. Key importers
4.4. Trends in Ukraine’s key starch-consuming industries

5. Market of wheat deep-processing products
5.1. Wheat gluten
5.1.1. Global demand trends
5.1.2. Trends in gluten imports by Ukraine
5.1.3. Key suppliers
5.2. Market of amino acids
5.2.1. Dynamics and product range of supplies to Ukraine. Average prices
5.2.2. Key lysine-importing companies
5.3. Estimated size of the Ukrainian market

6. Conclusions and recommendations

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