Ukraine: Disruption of consumer markets and factors for their recovery (starch, flour, feed)

Since long ago, Ukraine has been possessing a powerful raw material base for the production of many promising products, including starches, and this will continue in the future. The war showed how fragile are the export channels for grain sales, which until recently seemed unshakable.

The disruption of well-established sales chains exposed many problems in the agricultural sector and showed the reverse side of the Ukrainian economy’s direct dependence on raw material exports.

Even in the face of uncertainty and the difficulty of building long-term strategies, Ukrainian companies are actively interested in the grain-processing sector, including the production of starches, sugar products, flour, compound feed, and amino acids.

This interest is maintained not only by attractive, relatively low domestic prices for grain, but also by persistent demand from key consuming industries, including animal husbandry, producers of flour, sausages, milk-containing, confectionery products, beverages etc.

Analytical study

The analytical study “Ukraine: Disruption of consumer markets and factors for their recovery” provides an in-depth analysis of current trends and developments in the grain product market.

As part of this analytical study, UkrAgroConsult provided a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian market for flour, starch, feed, sugar syrups, amino acids, as well as market development drivers until 2025.

The analytical study contains an analysis of the development of production and exports by region, company and country. Producer and exporter rankings are provided as well.

In addition, the report provides information on trends in the key sectors consuming grain products.


1. Changes in the resource potential of regional food markets

2. Structural modification of grain uses in Ukraine

3. Factors affecting the sustainability of the grain processing industry

4. Price trends

5. Processing for food use

5.1. Flour and groats

5.1.1. Production trends. Product range

5.1.2. Estimated capacity of the domestic market

5.1.3. Major producers and exporters

5.1.4. Analysis of promising export destinations, consumer trends, drivers and obstacles to an increase in product sales

5.2. Starches

5.2.1. Native and modified starches. Product range

5.2.2. Production trends

5.2.3. Estimated capacity of the domestic market. Development trends in the main consumer sectors (sausage industry, snacks, fast food, etc.)

5.2.4. International trade. Product shortage and surplus

5.2.5. Promising export destinations, drivers and barriers to entering new markets

5.3. Sugar products

5.3.1. Glucose-fructose syrups. Production trends. Product range. Industrial base

5.3.2. Estimated capacity of the domestic market. Demand from the confectionery and beverage industries

5.3.3. Demand from the export market. Assessment of possible export destinations. State of the competitive environment

6. Compound feed and other grain feed products

6.1. Compound feed and other grain feed products

6.1.1. Feed production and consumption trends by type

6.1.2. Key sales channels. Livestock industry trends

6.1.3. Market development drivers and obstacles

6.2. Granulated products: bran and pulp. Market prospects

7. Other marginal uses of grain and conclusions

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