Ukraine: mineral fertilizers market trends

Ukraine steadily reinforces its leading positions in the world grains and oilseeds market. This is made possible by the development and improvement of growing practices. Technologically sound use of mineral fertilizers is one of the numerous factors behind growth in grains and oilseeds production in Ukraine.

The mineral fertilizers market is dynamic and influenced by a multitude of factors. A trend of recent years is environmental concern of farmers. Ukraine witnesses increasing demand for micro-fertilizers and biostimulators in various formulations. The focus is put on efficiency, yield, but at the same time on environmental friendliness of production.

Not only traditional competition between market players intensifies, but also that between products.

The study “Ukraine: Mineral fertilizers market trends” addresses the factors influencing demand, production and import of major mineral fertilizers, key domains of their use, global drivers, as well as both domestic and international regulatory changes affecting this market. Such analysis will help building a company’s marketing policy reasonably, taking into account drastic changes and the latest tendencies in the market.

Analytical study

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


Study methodology

1. Economic and political context. Investment attractiveness of the market

2. Crop production in Ukraine. Key trends and drivers

2.1. State of land resources and their impact on the production structure

2.2. Weather and climate factors

2.3. Production of grains:

     - Production structure
– Development factors

2.4. Production of oilseeds

     - Production structure
– Development factors

3. Production of vegetables and fruit-and-berry crops

     - Production structure
– Development factors

4. Mineral fertilizers market. Key trends and drivers

4.1. Impact of major global trends on the Ukrainian market

4.2. Consumption structure of mineral fertilizers

4.3. Availability of mineral fertilizers

4.4. Demand-side factors by market segment

5. Market’s competitive environment by segment

6. General description of major market players

7. Increase in regulatory pressure on production and products. External and internal factors

8. Impact of environmental aspects on the market structure and demand

9. Market development forecast


This is a standard study. UkrAgroConsult is ready to prepare a custom study at your personal request.

Any study can be extended with more criteria. In addition, there is an option to buy only the statistic part (Database) in Excel format with no analytics or forecasts.

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