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Today we may note the tendency towards increase in number of mergers and acquisitions in agrarian sector. Majority of growth and modernization processes are carried out by major companies and holdings with the help of external funds attracted by these businesses. Each procedure requires clear and precise evaluation of company’s performance, its future development potential. Consulting Agency UkrAgroConsult offers company evaluation service specifically for such cases.

We approach such procedure not only from the standpoint of basic business evaluation, but also determination of strong and weak points of the business which affect company’s financial performance. Our clients receive report that reflects company’s past and present operations, their effectiveness, financial feasibility and future plans of the company which also set general business direction. UkrAgroConsult presents its own opinion regarding the steps that could be taken for further improvement of operational procedures and business strategy.

Standard procedure*:

Stage 1:Meeting with the client.

At this stage we gather basic information regarding the project, assessment purpose (sell/buy) and general details. Consulting Agency UkrAgroConsult values confidentiality of our clients, therefore any data obtained during the completion of the project is considered as a confidential one and treated as such. Specifics on the data security are detailed in the NDA agreement also signed at this stage.

Stage 2: Getting acquainted with the company.

We analyze company’s structure, its business model as well as main activities. In case of necessity, we consolidate company’s financials for further data analysis.

Stage 3. On site visit.

In order to have a more detailed picture of the company, its processes, assets in possession, and other operations, we think it is crucial to visit the company, obtain full data, communicate with personnel and management, have a full picture of the business. In case of necessity we also audit company’s documentation as well as financial statements.

Stage 4. Analysis and forecasting.

This stage requires careful analysis of the data acquired, its unification and further processing. At this stage we usually build flexible financial model that would reflect company’s financial results based on past operations, as well as allow us make projections for the future of the company. We use market data carefully acquired by our market analytics department on a daily basis. Input data for the model can be adjusted to the most recent changes in the market environment.

Stage 5. Final report.

Report is a document that includes summary of the evaluation, our recommendations on top of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the project. We generally include methodology description for better understanding of the techniques and methods used.

*the description is generalized and may be modified based on the assignment.

Analytical study

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.

This is a standard study. UkrAgroConsult is ready to prepare a custom study at your personal request.

Any study can be extended with more criteria. In addition, there is an option to buy only the statistic part (Database) in Excel format with no analytics or forecasts.

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