Starch market trends and estimates in Ukraine

Ukraine has a plentiful source of raw material resources for starch production. It is commonly known that the country is one of the world’s top three corn exporters and a stable grower of potatoes. Nevertheless, very few starch-producing plants are left in Ukraine now.

At the same time, Ukraine has good prerequisites for setting up new starch-and-syrup plants and developing existing ones.

What are the main trends in starch market? Which markets can support this business in the near future? What are the main drivers in starch market? What are the prospects for further growth?

The details are available in the study by UkrAgroConsult “Starch market in Ukraine

Analytical study

The analytical study “Starch Market in Ukraine” presents an in-depth analysis of current trends and events in the agricultural market.

The study shows key development trends in the world starch market by key exporting and importing country. In addition, it looks into trends of the markets of corn and potatoes as the main raw materials for processing.

Within this analytical study, UkrAgroConsult gave a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian starch market, as well as a long-term outlook for the domestic market development until 2025.

The analytical study contains an analysis of production and export developments by region and a ranking of Ukrainian producers and exporters.

In addition, the report presents information on consumption trends in the starch market of Ukraine

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


Primary raw materials (grain, potatoes) for starch production in Ukraine

Starch production trends in Ukraine

Potato starch

Corn starch

Wheat starch

Production of dextrin and modified starch

Key factors influencing the starch production development

Foreign trade in starches

Starch exports

Starch imports

Key starch consumers in Ukraine. Estimated consumption volumes. Outlook

Drivers of the starch-and-syrup industry development

Opportunities for deeper processing in the starch-and-syrup industry

Use of starch-and-syrup industry by-products

SWOT-analysis of the starch-and-syrup industry

State policy and regulation


This is a standard study. UkrAgroConsult is ready to prepare a custom study at your personal request.

Any study can be extended with more criteria. In addition, there is an option to buy only the statistic part (Database) in Excel format with no analytics or forecasts.

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