Margarine market in Ukraine

Production of margarines and similar products gradually decreases in Ukraine. The reason consists in product range optimization processes conducted by key producing companies. The downward trend which started in margarine production and consumption in Ukraine only intensifies competition among market players. This has resulted in structural changes in some enterprises: vertically integrated companies have been created, comprising all the processes – from raw material production to finished product sales – within one system.

In addition, competition among similar, analogues products gets stronger in the margarine market. Spreads have been competing considerably with margarines in Ukraine’s market for the recent few years. Changes in the foreign trade pattern have only enhanced domestic market competition.

At the same time, the development of margarine production in Ukraine has great prospects both from the viewpoint of meeting domestic needs and a possible expansion of exports.


Margarine market in Ukraine

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1.  General trends in Ukraine’s margarine market

2. Ukrainian production of margarines and their main assortment

2.1. Production estimates in kind and in value terms

2.2. Margarine production breakdown by region and product group

2.3. Key producers, specialization of key players. Estimates of their market shares

2.4. Competition in the spread market

3.  Margarine consumption in Ukraine

4.  Margarine sales in the domestic market

5.  Ukraine’s foreign trade in margarines

6.  SWOT-analysis of Ukraine’s margarine market: Prospects and risks

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