Wheat flour and bran market in Ukraine

Wheat flour and bran market in Ukraine

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1. Global trends of flour market

World flour market capacity. The largest countries-suppliers and consumers.

2. The state of the raw material base

Wheat production by the regions of Ukraine in 2010-2015: area, yield and crop. The general trends and wheat production forecast up to 2020.

3. Supply and demand estimates

Production, consumption, imports, exports, stocks of flour for 2010-2015

3.1. Flour production

Change of flour production capacity. An analysis of the flour production dynamics by region in 2010-2015. Rating of the largest flour-producing enterprises. Information on milling assets of the largest companies.

3.2. Capacity of Ukrainian flour market and assessment of supply and consumption

Capacity of Ukrainian flour market in general, as well as wheat and other flours. Reasons for the change in capacitance. Shares of the basic directions of use of flour (bakery, pasta, pastries, etc.). Seasonality of demand.

3.3. Foreign trade

Import and export of flour: the volume and prices. Import-export geography.

4. Prices for wheat flour and the factors determining their dynamics.

The current price situation in flour market. Comparative price dynamics for grain and flour.

5. Ukrainian bran market

Major trends. International trade. Key players

6. Market prospects

7. SWOT-analysis

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