Compound feed market in Ukraine

The study includes characteristics of Ukrainian compound feed market. It highlights the main tendencies, dynamics, forecasts and perspectives for development of compound feed market.

The study reveals the full chain of feed production, provides analysis of production volumes and degree of market concentration during the last 3 years. It shows a structure of feed production by main products, manufacturers and regions (districts of Ukraine). Rating of companies and regions of Ukraine in terms of production is provided.

Export/import transactions are disclosed by the main types of products and countries of destination/origin.

The structure of compound feed trade is represented with the main types of products.

Dynamics of prices for the main types of compound feed on the Ukrainian market is given for the last 3 years, including the reasons for the major price changes.

Compound feed market in Ukraine

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1. Main trends in compound feed production in Ukraine
2. Production structure
3. Competitive environment
4. Feed trade structure
5. Inputs base
6. Features of foreign trade of compound feed /pva /premix
7. Outlook and prospects for the sector

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