Ukraine. Fertilizer Market in Wartime

The full-scale war in Ukraine had a substantial impact on the mineral fertilizer market. The loss of production facilities and logistics routes, supply chains shift and reduced farmers’ incomes have been the key factors driving the changes in the Ukrainian fertilizer market.

The study “Ukraine. Fertilizer Market in Wartime” covers the latest and deepest current changes with forecasting further market developments after analysis of key stakeholders’ positions:

  • Adaptation of production capacities to the demand in war period
  • Uncertainties of the farmers’ demand
  • Changing fertilizers end-users’ preferences
  • Trends of the marketing channels development to meet farmers demand in due time and products
  • Price scenarios, 2023-2024.

Analytical study

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


  • Key trends in mineral fertilizer production in Ukraine
  • Foreign trade in mineral fertilizers
  • Ways of supplying mineral fertilizers
  • Peculiarities of trade in the domestic market
  • Key market players
  • Structure of mineral fertilizers application
  • Price trends
  • State policy in the mineral fertilizers market
  • Mineral fertilizers market development forecast


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