Market of refined sunoil in Ukraine

The Ukrainian crude sunoil production boom provoked a similar rise in the development of the refined sunoil market.

However, the lion’s share of the output volume is accounted for by just five companies.

Under conditions of domestic market saturation with refined sunflower oil, the question of expanding the markets through foreign trade arose. The export statistics of recent years shows a successful implementation of the exporters’ task. Even under conditions of relatively stable production, the volume of refined sunflower oil foreign trade increased.

The number of export markets for refined oil has not only increased in recent years (the refined oil was supplied to 111 countries), but the structure has undergone significant changes.

The diversification of sales markets went along the path of expansion towards Asian and African countries, which had pushed the CIS countries and Europe out from the top-importers.

Analytical study

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Refined sunseed oil production trends

Refined sunseed oil production in Ukraine by region

Structure of refined sunseed oil production

Seasonality of production of refined sunseed oil

Production of refined sunseed oil by company

Ranking of producers by output volume, their shares. Key players

Basic vegoil refined capacities

Map of refined facilities

Foreign trade

Behavior of refined sunseed oil exports

Export share in production

Structure of refined sunseed oil exports

Seasonality of refined sunseed oil exports

Refined sunseed oil exports by company

Ranking of exporters and their export shares. Key exporters

Refined sunseed oil exports by country

Key export markets for Ukrainian products

Behavior of refined sunseed oil exports through ports

Trends in port facilities utilization

Key port operators, exporters, and terminals they use

Structure of liquid bulk tonnage used for exporting refined sunseed oil from Ukraine

Handling of containerized refined sunseed oil

Domestic consumption

Domestic market capacity

Domestic consumption trends

Peculiarities of consumption

Domestic consumption share in production

Structure of sunseed oil consumption

Market pricing. Key factors and trends

Price trends in Ukraine

Outlook for demand

Competition among key exporting countries

Supply and demand balances

Swot analysis

Forecast from UkrAgroConsult

Potential and development prospects of the refined sunseed oil market

Forecast of production

Forecast of consumption

Forecast of exports

Long-term forecast to 2030

Conclusions and recommendations



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