Ukrainian HO sunflower may be dissapointment of the year

In recent years, high-oleic (HO) sunflower seed has been traded with high premium compared to conventional sunflower seed. This was the main driver behind the expansion of HO sunflower plantings in Ukraine. However, farmers may end up without the expected premium in 2020.

Analytical study

In the basic version of the study, information covers a 3-5-year period according to the contents given on the website. However, if required, the study structure can be adjusted in line with the customer’s wishes.


What production of HO sunflower seed is expected in Ukraine and in the world?

What premium is paid for HO sunflower seed and HO sunflower oil?

What difficulties market participants may encounter with regard to HO sunflower seed and oil?

Is crushing HO sunflower seed attractive to major players?

Who is in on the list of significant producers and exporters of HO sunflower oil?


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