MAFI suspends permit fees for livestock feed imports

Source:  The Edge Markets

The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry (MAFI) has announced the suspension of permit fee collection for four livestock feed commodities — corn, soy, wheat and other animal- and plant-based feed — effective Tuesday (June 21) to facilitate the importation of these commodities.

The import fee previously charged for corn, wheat and soy was RM15 per permit application, while for other animal- and plant-based feed permits it was RM20 per application.

MAFI, in a statement on Tuesday, said the high cost of raw materials for feed in the livestock industry had been identified as one of the contributing factors to the increase in food prices, such as whole chicken in the local market.

“Most of the raw materials for animal feed are imported from abroad. The suspension of permit fee collection for the importation of these commodities can help reduce logistics costs in an effort to stabilise feed prices in the country,” it said.

MAFI said the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (MAQIS) will also implement a rapid entry process for the commodities at the country’s entry points to streamline the import processes and reduce logistics costs.

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