Vegoils production in Ukraine added 15 pct in 2018/19

Under the expert estimates, in 2018/19 Ukrainian crushing enterprises produced 6.9 mln t of vegetable oils, 14% more from 2017/18, Edclub writes.

Of the total volume, sunflower oil production reached 6.5 mln t, up 13% from the previous season.

About 95% of vegetable oil produced in Ukraine is exported. According to the customs statistics, the total export volume of these products in 2018/19 amounted to 6.6 mln t, 17% higher from the previous season. At the same time, almost 6.1 mln t of sunoil was exported, 14% more from 2017/18.

The main markets for Ukrainian sunflower oil last season were India, China and the Netherlands. The total value of supplies to these countries exceeded 50% in the total value structure of vegetable oil exports.

Previously reported that the preliminary data on sunflower harvesting in Ukraine continued pressing on the prices, which had reached the minimum level.


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