Ukrainian farmers to be brought closer to EU standards

The bill provides for improving the quality of planting material

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is working to enhance legislation in the field of seed production and seedling.

That’s according to the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture.

The bill aimed at implementing EU legislation in seed production and seedling, facilitating doing business in these areas, and improving the quality of planting material was approved at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, January 13, the ministry’s press service says.

“Harmonization of national legislation with EU law will contribute to the production in Ukraine of high-quality planting material that meets modern international requirements. This will allow Ukrainian producers to increase their competitiveness and strengthen Ukraine’s position in the world market,” said Minister Ihor Petrashko.

It is noted that the draft law was developed in close cooperation with research institutions and specialized associations in order to improve the legislative framework in the field of seed production.

It lays down the introduction of planting material categories (fruit, berry, nut crops, grapes, and hops), simplification of the certification procedure; facilitation of imports and use of planting material of varieties registered in other countries; as well as enhancing registers in the field of seed production.


The European Union has recognized the Ukrainian seed certification system as equivalent to EU requirements.

According to the Seed Association of Ukraine, the export potential of Ukrainian seeds approaches $100 million, while the share of exports to the EU may grow to 10% from practically zero.



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