Ukraine’s grain reserves are enough to meet both domestic and global demand until 2023

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Ukraine has sufficient grain reserves to meet domestic and world demand at least until the end of 2022, or even in 2023, but all military action in the Black Sea must be stopped. This was stated by Presidential Adviser on Economic Affairs Oleg Ustenko in a comment to the American newspaper Newsweek, according to OP.

According to Ustenko, from the very beginning of the aggression, the Russian side planned to blockade Ukrainian ports in order to create a food crisis in the world in order to put as much pressure as possible on the West.

“Russia wanted to use food as a weapon, among other things,” Ustenko said.

“They are playing different cards at the same time – energy, food, plus conducting their “military operation” on our land and destroying infrastructure, as well as destroying all our food supplies,” he explained.

According to the adviser, Russia is now firing on any ships that appear in the Black Sea. But if a ceasefire is declared in the region, Ukraine will react quickly and ships with grain will leave the ports, Ustenko said.

“If the fighting stops, we could do it almost immediately, because we have access to the main ports,” he said.

According to him, the only way to deliver grain to world markets is to “stop the war or at least stop all hostilities in the Black Sea”.

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