Ukraine. Precipitation helped keep soil moisture content at good and optimal levels

The weather on April 11-20 was relatively warm, but with vast swings between nighttime and daytime temperatures and precipitation of various intensities. Good conditions were seen this past week for spring development of winter crops and initial growth of early spring crops.

Moderately low air temperatures throughout this time period restrain evaporation of soil moisture, and it is used mostly by plants.

Active growth of secondary roots is underway – this is critical in case of possible future drying of the topsoil.

Precipitation replenished effective soil moisture that helped keep its content at good and optimal levels. The upper layer was even too wet in some fields, causing fieldwork delays. Farmers continue planting early cereals and pulses, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Weather forecast for April 27-May 2:

– Precipitation (5-15 mm) is expected in most of the country. The northern regions will receive 15-25 mm;

– Air temperature will be +14 … +16°C in the daytime, +3 … +5°C at night in the western and central regions; +13 … +15°C in the daytime, +3 … +5°C at night in the North; +15 … +17°C in the daytime, +3 … +5°C at night in the East; +15 … +17°C in the daytime, +5 … +7°C at night in the South.

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