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Ukraine. Night frosts will have no adverse impact on winter crops

Very warm weather with precipitation of various intensity dominated the country on November 1-13. Such weather conditions significantly prolonged the growing season with favorable soil moisture content. Winter grains are in fair and good condition. Farmers continue harvesting late crops and planting winter ones.

Rain replenished effective soil moisture, especially in the top layer.

Weather forecast for November 17-22:

  • The western regions are expected to receive 5-10 mm of precipitation, while the north and the east will likely get 2-5 mm and 15-25 mm, respectively;
  • Snow and sleet are possible in the eastern regions;
  • It will be dry in the rest of the country;
  • Air temperature will be +5 … 7°C in the west of Ukraine, -1 … +1°C in the north, -1 … 3°C in the east, +1 … 3°C in the center, and +3 … 5°C in the south;
  • Night frost events (-4 … 6°C) will have no adverse impact on winter crops, UkrAgroConsult reports.

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