New Requirements on Pesticide MRL in the EU

Оn February 18, 2020, the member states of the European Union endorsed a proposal by the European Commission to lower the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of chlorpyrifos-ethyl and chlorpyrifos-methyl in food and feed to the lowest level that can be measured by analytical laboratories.

EU maximum residue level (MRL) for the active substances chlorpyrifos-ethyl and chlorpyrifos-methyl are to be lowered at the default level of 0,01 mg/kg. The new lowered MRLs will become applicable in October 2020 and will apply both to food produced in the EU and also to imports.

These insecticides are actively used in Ukraine to control insect pests on a range of crops and to treat stored cereal grain and empty warehouses.

Please note that no further transitional period will be granted for products already on the market on the date of application. This means that all products will have to comply with the new MRLs as from the date of application, and any product with a level above the default level will be considered as non-compliant, even if treated legally with chlorpyrifos-ethyl and chlorpyrifos-methyl before that date. No import tolerance will be granted for the two active substances. Consequently, import of agricultural products containing residues of these substances in excess of 0,01 mg/kg to the EU will be prohibited even though there is no prohibition on the use of these substances in Ukraine.



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