Lithuania approves a list of nearly 3,000 banned goods from Russia and Belarus


Lithuania has approved a list of products of Russian and Belarusian origin banned from import. The list of more than 2.8 thousand different products is yet to be approved by the government. Delfi writes about this with reference to the Ministry of Agriculture of the country.

“The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a specific list of agricultural products and feed of Russian and Belarusian origin banned from importation into the country,” the report says.

The list includes 24 product groups – live animals, meat and offal, fish, milk and milk products, eggs, natural honey, products of non-animal origin, plants, vegetables, fruits, coffee and spices, grain, cereals, edible oils, beverages, tobacco and other products. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the established restrictive measures are to be applied from June 3 this year.

“Approval of this list of banned agricultural products and feed will weaken the economies of countries that pose a threat to Lithuania’s national security, while strengthening the national security of our country,” the ministry said.

It is noted that, taking into account a detailed analysis of import data from Russia and Belarus and possible significant damage to processors, the list does not include agricultural products that do not have alternative sources of import.

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