Kaufland Introduces Low-Carbohydrate Potatoes


German retail giant Kaufland has introduced a range of low-carbohydrate potatoes, which boast 30% less carbohydrates than standard potatoes.

The new ‘Linella’ potato SKU is available across Germany at all Kaufland outlets, the retailer added.

Europlant Plant Breeding

The innovative potato variety was created in collaboration with Kaufland’s long-term partner, Europlant Plant Breeding.

The potato breeding company has developed various varieties in such a way that the carbohydrate content has been reduced by almost a third.

The potato is grown in an environmentally friendly manner, primarily by family businesses in Lower Saxony that work according to controlled methods and are QS-certified.

Regular tests ensure that the potatoes meet the specified low-energy content.

The potato is characterised by mild taste and waxy texture, which is why it is particularly suitable for salads, baking, or roasting.

“The potato is an integral part of our diet and is full of nutrients and vitamins. The Linella is an ideal alternative for customers who want to eat low-carb,” said Stefan Lukes, managing director of fruit and vegetable purchasing at Kaufland.


Europlant, based in Lüneburg, aims to produce ‘modern, sustainable, and efficient agriculture.’

In order to achieve this, the company is constantly developing potato varieties as part of integrated, natural production.

All varieties are bred classically, i.e. from non-genetically modified crossing partners using conventional methods.

Kaufland has maintained a partnership with Europlant for more than 20 years.



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