In an effort to bring prices down, Libya exempts food imports from all duties

In an effort to counter price rises, the Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba-led Libyan government passed a decree (537/21) yesterday exempting all food imports from tax duties.

The decree was initiated by the Ministry of Economy which said this comes in the context of encouraging import tools to increase their imports of food commodities, raise the level of strategic stocks and the necessary needs for the local market, and cover the demand for commodities.

The Economy Ministry said this move aims to reduce the burden on the shoulders of the citizen.

Earlier, the Prime Minister visited several shops and bakeries, to inspect prices and the availability of various products.

The government reported that during his visit, he listened to citizens’ comments regarding quality, prices and availability.

During a visit to a bakery, he enquired about weights and prices, given that bread is one of the basic commodities. Visiting a pharmacy, he discussed the methods of buying and selling medicines and their compliance with specifications.

The government media department reported that following his tour, Aldabaiba issued instructions to exempt all imported foodstuffs and medicines from taxes and stressed the head of the Municipal Guard on the need to follow up on price controls.

The PM was accompanied on his tour by the Ministers of Youth and Local Government, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and the Head of the Municipal Guard.


Libya Herald

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