Despite the lack of forward contracts, Ukrainian farmers sow pulses

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

In Ukraine, 124 thousand hectares of peas have already been sown, which is 51.5% compared to last year, more than 5 thousand hectares of chickpeas, about 1 thousand hectares of lentils. The sowing of beans is also underway, the area under which will be at the level of 40 thousand hectares.

This was reported to by Antonina Sklyarenko, President of the Association of Pulses Producers and Consumers of Ukraine.

“This year the sowing campaign took place in extreme conditions, but still our farmers went out into the fields and sowed. Unfortunately, traders do not sign forward contracts this season, because the risks are very high. There are, of course, isolated cases, but this is a very small percentage. The war made its adjustments both in the sowing campaign and in the processes of trade.”

According to Antonina Sklyarenko, due to the war, our exporters were not able to fully fulfill their obligations to supply pulses, but now they continue to ship. It is possible that 10-20% of shipments will not be performed under previously concluded contracts from the areas most affected.

“As for the price situation on world markets for pulses, pea prices remain at $ 320- $ 330 per ton on FOB terms, although Ukraine hardly ships on FOB. Chickpeas and beans are exported by car, and the price is quite attractive: chickpeas – $ 1020 per ton, beans – $ 870- $ 900 per ton, “- said Antonina Sklyarenko.

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