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BASF introduces Renestra insecticide

New insecticide provides robust dual modes of action for broad-spectrum control, say BASF officials.

BASF is introducing Renestra insecticide for the 2021 growing season. This new tool provides soybean farmers with a complete solution for controlling a wide range of insect pests and soybean aphids that have developed resistance to traditional chemistries, say BASF officials.

Consisting of both a pyrethroid and the unique Inscalis insecticide active ingredients, Renestra insecticide provides knockdown and residual control of a broad-spectrum of soybean pests, including resistant and nonresistant aphids, as well as a variety of other feeding insects, say BASF officials.

“Aphids continue to be a problem for many soybean growers, and Renestra insecticide will give them a unique new option to control these pests,” said Jennifer Archer, product manager of soybean insecticides for BASF Agricultural Solutions, in a BASF news release. “This new innovation provides growers with a complete solution for soybean aphids and other troublesome soybean pests.”

Renestra insecticide is a fast-acting soybean product that is easy to handle, provides a low use rate, and is a good tank-mix partner, she says. The combination of a quick knockdown and long-lasting residual control of a variety of pests makes Renestra insecticide a good choice for soybean farmers, she adds.


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