Agroblok – Sponsor of the EURO GRAIN HUB Exchange & Forum, April 26-28, Bucharest

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Welcome Agroblok as a Sponsor of the EURO GRAIN HUB Exchange & Forum, to be held on April 26-28 in Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania.

Agroblok  is а privately held, 100% Bulgarian owned group of companies with many years of experience in grain, oilseeds and fertilizers trade, logistics and distribution of petroleum products and lubricants. The company holds grain storage facilities and logistics park in the Central part of North Bulgaria with a current capacity over 30 000 mt and constantly growing. Buffer storages in close vicinity to the main ports are at company’s disposal in order to arrange a smooth execution process and a constant cargo flow.

Agroblok Ltd. owns a fleet of trucks and a laboratory to be able to segregate different qualities of grains and store it the best way possible. Through the years, the group has managed to develop a well-positioned trading unit that actively works with farmers and suppliers and purchases grains and oilseeds both for export and domestic trade. Being a local Bulgarian trader, recognized by the international companies, Agroblok exports annually over 100 000 mt.

Join the key stakeholders from the Black Sea region, Central & Eastern Europe and Balkans, contributing to the global commodity supply chain at EURO GRAIN HUB Exchange & Forum.

Companies from 20+ countries already registered to attend!

Agriculture of the Central and Eastern European countries, including Romania, is becoming more and more important as grain and oil crops originating region and low risk supplier under conditions of uncertainties and logistics chain disruptions. This is in fact new position of this region, which is currently underestimated by the majority of the market players.

The war in Ukraine promoted great changes in the regional grain flows affecting the global commodity trade. Grain exports from the CEE countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, other) are able potentially to fill the gap in the next 2-5 years, after Ukrainian exports have decreased.

EURO GRAIN HUB Exchange & Forum is a new regional platform to address the key agri market developments and deliver effective discussions and networking for all involved in the agricultural sector – from farmers, traders, input suppliers, animal and feed industry and stretching to logistics, storage, innovations, etc.

EURO GRAIN HUB Exchange & Forum is organized by  UkrAgroConsult, AgriPortal and AgroPortal.




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