Wheat reserves in Kazakhstan exceed 6.3 mln tons

Source:  ElDala

As of June 1, 2024, grain stocks in Kazakhstan amounted to more than 7.8 mln tons, of which wheat – more than 6.3 mln tons. This is reported by the Bureau of National Statistics.

Of the total volume of grain, food stocks are about 5.5 million tons, seeds – more than 690 thsd tons and fodder – about 1.7 mln tons.

There were about 4.8 million tons of food wheat in storage, more than 539 thsd tons in seed stocks and more than 1 mln tons of forage.

According to statistical data, as of June 1, there were more than 1.8 million tons of wheat in storage of agricultural producers, more than 2.2 million tons in elevators, more than 875 thousand tons in farms, more than 121.9 thsd tons at wholesalers. Stocks of flour millers exceeded 796 thousand tons and more than 332 thousand tons at other legal entities.

Barley stocks amounted to more than 1 million tons: 379.8 thousand tons – food, 542 thousand tons – fodder and 99 thousand tons – seeds.

In addition, stocks of corn in Kazakhstan amounted to 106.5 thsd tons, rice – 94 thousand tons, rye – more than 16.6 thousand tons, oats – more than 81.5 thousand tons, buckwheat – more than 57.5 thsd tons.

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