Updated LINE UP report on Ukraine and Romania from UkrAgroConsult

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

UkrAgroConsult presents an updated LINE UP report on Ukraine and Romania! To track the dynamics of Ukrainian agri exports through Ukrainian ports, as well as those from Romanian port of Constanta, subscribу to the updated LINE UP report from UkrAgroConsult.

UkrAgroConsult LINE UP report has become even more informative:

  • The updated report has improved the quality of line-ups by adding more barges moving from Ukrainian Danube ports to Romania and vessels from the ports of Greater Odesa using the temporary sea corridor
  • For the Romanian line-up, a large number of barges moving to the port of Constanta from Ukrainian and other ports on the Danube have been added
  • Attention, the report now has a new separate tab “Barges” for easy tracking of grain transportation volumes by barges

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Constanta port, as this Romanian port played a key role in the export of Ukrainian agricultural commodities at the beginning of the war and continues to help export Ukrainian products to this day. According to port data, in the first 10 months of 2023, this port exported more than 11 million tons of grain of Ukrainian origin.

Transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through the port of Constanta in early November

Vessel Name Commodity MT
MEMELE Wheat 6 000
UGLJAN Wheat 20 000
AFRICAN LOON Wheat 30 050

Source: Romanian Line-up by UkrAgroConsult

In addition, in the first 5 days of November alone, 161 barges with agricultural products with a total tonnage of 196 thousand tons arrived in Constanta. It should be noted that 109 of these barges were sent from Ukrainian ports on the Danube – from Kilia, Izmail and Reni.

Subscribe to the updated LINE UP report here.


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