Ukraine. Winter grains are in deep dormancy

состояние посевов

Crop condition:

– On January 9-11, a cold spell was observed almost all over the country, with a sharp temperature drop from above zero to below zero;

– Winter grains are in deep dormancy, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Moisture supply:

– Precipitation occurred almost all over the country.

Weather forecast for January 19-23:

– Precipitation (2-15 mm) is expected in most of the country;

– Air temperatures were -1 …+1°C in the daytime, -1…-3°C at night in the West; -1…+1°C in the daytime, -2…-4°C at night in the North; -1…-3°C in the daytime, -6…-8°C at night in the East; 0…-2°C in the daytime, -1…-3°C at night in Central Ukraine; +3…+5°C in the daytime, -1…+1°C at night in the South.

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