Ukraine war: UK to supply grain DNA testing technology to combat ‘Russian thefts of wheat’

Source:  Sky News

A pledge by cabinet minister George Eustice to put up £1.5m to fund DNA analysis of wheat comes after a Sky News investigation that added evidence Russian forces are illegally expropriating Ukrainian resources.

The UK is providing technology to allow grain to be tested to make sure it has not been stolen by Russia from Ukrainian silos and sold abroad for profit.

George Eustice, the environment and food secretary, says the government is giving £1.5m to fund the DNA analysis of wheat to find where it comes from.

He told Sky’s Kay Burley: “Russia, it appears, are stealing some wheat from those stores and so what the UK government is doing is making available technology we’ve got to… test the provenance of wheat.

“We’re working with other countries, including Australia, on this so that we can ensure that stolen Ukrainian wheat does not find a route to market.

“You can test the DNA of the grain and we’ve got samples of Ukrainian grain. We did a lot of work on this – remember the horsemeat scandal about a decade ago?

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