Ukraine. The significant drop in air temperature had no adverse impact on winter crops

состояние посевов

Crop condition:

– Warming occurred in early January, when freezing weather gave way to thaws;

– Winter grains are rated fair, their plants are green;

– The significant drop in air temperature seen on December 21-31 had no adverse impact on crops;

– Owing to snow cover in the fields, soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter wheat (3 cm) during the severest cold spell did not fall below -2-6ºC;

– As of late December, the calculated killing temperatures for medium-hardy varieties of winter wheat  were -10-15ºC depending on the plant growth stage;

– As of January 5, neither ground nor hanging ice crusts were observed in winter wheat fields in most of the territory, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Moisture supply:

– Precipitation in the form of rain and sleet promoted rapid melting of snow and ice crust.

Weather forecast for January 13-16:

– Weather forecasts suggest that regular temperature drops, mostly at night, may lead to the formation of ice crust;

– Precipitation (2-10 mm) is expected in most of the country. The western, northern and eastern regions are set to receive 10-15 mm;

– Air temperatures will be -7 …-9°C in the daytime, -11…-13°C at night in the West; -9…-11°C in the daytime, -14…-16°C at night in the North; -8…-10°C in the daytime, -13…-15°C at night in the East; -7…-9°C in the daytime, -11…-13°C at night in Central Ukraine; -4…-6°C in the daytime, -7…-9°C at night in the South.

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