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Ukraine increases vegetable oil exports in January-September 2020

Between January-September 2020, vegetable oil exports from Ukraine increased by 12.4% (in physical terms) and by 20.6% (in value terms), according to the press service of Ukroliyaprom Association.

Over the reporting period, Ukraine exported goods worth $35.021 billion, including food and agricultural products worth $15.478 billion (44% of total exports of goods from Ukraine). Oil and fat products were exported for a total sum of almost $5.0 billion (14% of total exports of goods and 32.3% of exports of food products and agricultural products).

It is noted that the increase of vegetable oil exports from Ukraine was due to the growth of exports of sunflower oil – by 15.1% (in physical terms) and by 23.2% (in value terms). Exports of sunflower meal rose by 6.2% (in physical terms) and by 7.7% (in value terms).

At the same time, exports of soybean oil and meal decreased by 15.2% and 32.2%, respectively, exports of rapeseed oil – by 14.5%, which was due to reduced production of these products because of to a shortage in raw materials.



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