UkrAgroConsult invites you to the conference Ukraine-China: The Future of Trade.Pulses. Grains. Oilseeds.

 UkrAgroConsult is an exclusive partner of the conference Ukraine-China: The Future of Trade.Pulses. Grains. Oilseeds. 

In 2020, Ukraine conducted trade operations with 234 countries. The most important indicators are the phenomenal growth of exports of Ukrainian products to China – by 98%.

According to preliminary estimates, the profitability of soybeans in 2020/21 MY has increased almost threefold – to 37.5%, which contributed to the growth area of soybean in 2021 to 1550 thousand hectares. An increasing share of soybeans is processed by Ukrainian industry with declining soybean exports. At the same time, the annual consumption of soybeans in China is 110 million tons, of which more than 80% is processed into oil and meal. About 16% is used for food (it is used to make tofu, soy sauce, fuchsia and many other products), the rest of the soybeans are feed.
Regarding China’s pea imports in 2020, the total volume amounted to about 2.91 million tons, which is 45% more than in 2019. Taking into account the cargo that was not cleared in time due to port congestion, in fact 3 million tons.

You will learn about the prospects of exports to China at the conference Ukraine-China: The Future of Trade.Pulses. Grains. Oilseeds. The conference is supported by: the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, the China Chamber of Commerce for import and export  of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, the World Pulses Confederation, the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

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