UK pig prices inch up

Source:  The Pig Site

According to a market report by the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, the EU-Spec SPP rose 1.15p to 172.76p/kg in the week ending 14 May. This is progress, but still likely to be a long way below the cost of production for many, said the report. News of an “enhanced payment plan” to pig producers by a major UK supermarket is also positive news.

Estimated slaughter in the week was 185,500 head, 7000 head more than the previous, shorter week. The average carcase weight in the SPP sample fell to 91.19kg.

In the week ending 7 May, the EU-Spec APP rose by 5.44p to 180.07p/kg, bringing the gap between the two series to 8.46p.

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