Turkey unloaded the ship with stolen Ukrainian grain

Source:  ProAgro Group

The assumption about the Syrian ship Pawell, which transported Ukrainian grain from the occupied Berdyansk, about its unloading in the Turkish port was confirmed.

It is reported by “ProAgro Group” with reference to USM.

“Our Turkish source “leaked” information that the Syrian ship Pawell with Ukrainian grain was loaded in occupied Berdiansk, and on Sunday it was unloaded in the Turkish port of Hopa,” journalist Osman Pashayev wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, representatives of the port of Hopa in a telephone conversation confirmed everything that “was necessary”.

Assumptions about another theft of Ukrainian grain by racists were made on September 27, immediately after the AIS of the vessel appeared. It remained unknown which Turkish port received the stolen grain.

The bulk carrier Pawell (IMO: 8315499) flies the flag of Syria. The vessel was built in 1984. Deadweight – 3042 tons. Earlier it was reported that in July in the port of Izmir (Turkey) also unloaded the vessel Pawell, which carried stolen grain from the south and east of Ukraine.

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