Turkey gets offers in 370,000 tonne barley purchase tender

The lowest price offered in the first round of the tender from Turkey’s state grain board TMO to buy 370,000 tonnes of animal feed barley on Tuesday was believed to be $349.85 a tonne c&f, traders said in initial assessments.

No purchase has yet been reported, they said. The TMO traditionally undertakes several rounds of negotiations in tenders seeking lower offers each round.

The lowest offer was said to have been submitted by trading house Dreyfus for 25,000 tonnes for shipment to the port of Tekirdag.

Shipment is sought in 2022 between Jan. 3 and Jan. 28 to a series of Turkish ports.

This was followed by other offers including for shipment to the port of Derince at $367.00 a tonne c&f, to Iskenderun at $367.70 a tonne c&f, to Mersin at $368.00 a tonne c&f, to Izmir at $364.65 a tonne c&f, to Bandirma at $367.65 a tonne c&f, to Samsun at $367.79 a tonne c&f and to Trabzon at $360.00 a tonne c&f.

Supplies already in warehouses in Turkey can be offered in the tender. Dealers say some exporters have made advance shipments to Turkey to escape rises in Russian grain export taxes which are being increased in stages to conserve Russia’s own domestic supplies.

The tender continues recent brisk grain import demand from Turkey to ensure good domestic supplies after the country’s crops suffered drought damage this summer.

Provisional results of the tender are expected later on Tuesday.



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