Detained vessel in Lebanon was shipping Ukrainian grain

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

Flour and barley that the ship LAODICEA was loaded with in the Lebanese port turned out to be Ukrainian.

This was reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon on Twitter.

“We received key documents and evidence from Ukraine that flour and barley on board LAODICEA were stolen from Ukraine. Tomorrow we will submit a petition to the judge in Tripoli to extend the detention period. Knowing that we will do everything possible to distribute it to the Lebanese market as soon as possible,” the embassy said in a statement.

Previously, the ambassador of Ukraine to Lebanon, Ihor Ostash, in a comment to “Krym.Realii” reported that it is necessary to conduct an examination of the grain to determine its origin.

“Regarding the confirmation that this grain is Ukrainian: of course, in order to confirm it, it is necessary to carry out an examination, and for this, accordingly, it is necessary that there be a court decision and that the vessel be arrested. We already have such a court decision and now we will start, let’s say, the legal process. And an element of this, of course, will be research, expertise. We want to take samples of this grain for examination to establish whether it is indeed grain of Ukrainian origin. There is no other way to date,” said Ihor Ostash.

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