The first ship with Ukrainian grain successfully passed the corridor and is expected to be inspected in Turkey in the evening

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

The first Ukrainian ship with grain that left Odessa port after its unlocking is expected in Istanbul this evening. This was reported by the representative of Turkey in the United Coordination Center, General Ozcan Altunbulak.

In Istanbul, the Razoni ship will inspect the Turkish side. The ship is carrying 26,527 tons of Ukrainian corn and is headed for Lebanon.

An anonymous Turkish official told the agency that every day, as expected, at least one ship with grain will leave the ports of Ukraine.

“If nothing goes wrong, one ship per day will be exported for a certain period of time,” said the interlocutor.

The speaker of Odesa region Sergei Bratchuk noted in Telegram that the first ship that left Odesa port yesterday as part of the “Grain Agreement” successfully passed the corridor and should arrive in Istanbul around 9:00 p.m., where it will be inspected and sent on.

Let us remind you that yesterday the first vessel for the export of Ukrainian grain left the port of Odessa. Currently, there are 68 ships in Ukrainian ports with 1.2 million tons of cargo on board.

The export of grains takes place within the framework of the agreement that Ukraine concluded on June 22 with Turkey under the auspices of the UN Secretary General. Russia signed a mirror agreement with Turkey and Guterres.

The day after the signing, the Russian invaders attacked the Odessa Sea Trade Port with Kalibr cruise missiles. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that the Russian Federation, with a missile attack on the port, called into question the agreement it had given to the UN and Turkey in the “grain” agreement. The head of the UN unreservedly condemned reports of airstrikes in Odessa, referring to the commitments made by the parties at the signing ceremony in Istanbul.

On July 29, the ambassadors of the Big Seven countries in Ukraine arrived in Odessa to check the launch of the “grain corridor”.

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