The European Commission launched a platform to optimize Ukrainian grain exports to the EU – Grainlane

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

The European Commission together with V_labs and Rail Cargo Group has launched a grain trading platform “Grain Paths” – Grainlane, which will help optimize grain exports from Ukraine to EU member states, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Yes, it was created to sell and buy agricultural goods, uniting and strengthening contacts between European logistics representatives and Ukrainian traders and farmers at the international level.

The peculiarity of the platform is that it will place both trade and transport requests, which should facilitate the process of organizing export deliveries. Therefore, representatives of European logistics will be able to resolve organizational issues with Ukrainian partners. The latter will be able to find partners for the export of their products in a few clicks, as well as new logistics solutions.

This is especially relevant for grain exports from Ukraine by land transport, as new business relationships and supply chains will be formed.

Such a mechanism should speed up the process of matching opportunities between supply and demand. This guarantees full transparency of supply and demand and optimal logistics for products.

The platform is available at the link in English and German:

If the Grainlane platform is in high demand among Ukrainian traders and farmers, additional features will be added, such as a border crossing specification or a short-term logistics demand database.

Download presentation (.pdf, 822.93 Kb)

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