The EU increased the share of Ukrainian corn imports

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

There has been a trend in the formation of sales markets, in particular in the context of the marketing of corn. Here, the main players previously were Chinese importers, now it remains at the level of 30%, the share of European countries has become larger.

Sergey Feofilov, General Director of UkrAgroConsult, spoke about this during the Agro&Food Security Forum, which took place in Warsaw.

Export of corn to China is now 0. It is worth noting the first 20 thousand tons of corn, which were exported to South Korea in August. This can be regarded as a market signal for Chinese importers to resume trade relations with corn exporters.

According to him, when it comes to corn, the best importers are, in particular, African countries and the Middle East.

“The next global trend is distribution subject to import restrictions, which can lead to market fragmentation. At the same time, there are countries that have reduced import restrictions or completely eliminated them to ensure the national reserve. For example, this happened in Brazil,” notes Sergey Feofilov.

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