Russia has increased barley exports to $ 1.1 billion, the main buyer is Saudi Arabia


In 2021 (from January 1 to December 26), Russia exported $ 1.1 billion worth of barley, which is 10% more than in 2020 (by $ 983.8 million), according to the Agroexport center under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

The growth was ensured by high grain prices last year. In physical terms, supplies decreased to 4.56 million tons from 5.49 million tons a year earlier. These indicators include data on exports to the EAEU for 10 months of 2021.

Saudi Arabia remained the leading buyer of Russian barley. But it reduced imports to 1.1 million tons (by $ 256 million) from 2.7 million tons in 2020 (by $ 500 million).

Among the major buyers is Turkey, which increased imports to 991.6 thousand tons from 267.3 thousand tons a year earlier. The cost of supplies increased to $ 244.4 million from $ 47.5 million, respectively. Libya increased purchases of barley to 436.9 thousand tons (by $ 105.8 million) from 174.4 thousand tons (by $ 31.9 million). An increase in supplies was also noted to Mongolia, Tajikistan, Moldova and a number of other countries.

New markets for Russian barley in 2021 were Iraq (63.4 thousand tons for $ 15.6 million), Qatar (25.8 thousand tons for $ 6.3 million), Cyprus (5.5 thousand tons for $ 944, 8 thousand).

At the same time, there were no supplies to Morocco, the Republic of Korea, Kuwait and Oman.


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