Pakistan demands Indian wheat to fight hunger

Source:  Goa Chronicle

The economic crisis in Pakistan is exacerbating by the day, the inflation rate is at a record 29%, and there is a crisis of crucial items like flour. Amidst all this, Pakistan’s businessmen, industrialists, and the members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries, have requested the Shahbaz government to establish business with India. The members are of the opinion that if the stomachs of those who live in the remote parts of the country are to be filled, they should ask India for wheat. And even though Pakistan’s diplomatic and political relations with India are not good, they believe that Indian wheat will help the country to overcome from the crisis.

The production of wheat in Pakistan has been affected by the destructive floods, and under such circumstances, the crisis can be fought by importing wheat from India and other neighbouring countries. The income of the common man is not enough even to buy basic commodities like flour in the country. And even though the wheat flour crisis has been solved at Islamabad’s level, but the crisis is going on in remote areas like Sindh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Baluchistan.

The members also believe that the government should step forward to ask for the neighbour’s help during such testing times, and added that it will be a better option to import flour from India rather than from Russia or some other nation, because the taste of Indian wheat is like that of Pakistan’s only, and with the borders being connected, the import can take place at lesser rates.

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