In the next 7-10 days, precipitation and a decrease in temperatures are expected in the EU, the USA and Ukraine


After a period of dry and hot weather, in the next 7-10 days, the corn growing regions of the US, the EU and Ukraine will experience rains that will reduce temperatures to normal, which will help the development of spring crops, especially soybeans and corn.

In the Midwest of the United States, dry and hot weather prevailed in May, which worsened the condition of soybean and corn crops, but there will be scattered showers in the next few days, which will lower the temperature to 23-27 ° C. Additional precipitation is possible at the end of next week, which will reduce dry conditions, so the corn harvest forecast still remains at a high level. Rains continue in the US Plains , which improve prospects for the wheat harvest, especially spring.

The Canadian Prairies will see intermittent rain for two weeks, which will help spring wheat and canola crops grow, especially in the drier parts of Saskatchewan. Temperatures will slightly exceed the norm, which will accelerate the development of crops.

In Brazil, the May drought slightly worsened the condition of corn crops, but in the next few days there will be precipitation in the main safrinha corn growing regions, which will lower the temperature from 30-33 o C to 25-28 o C, so the harvest forecasts remain high. Next week, a cold front may bring frost to the southern regions, which will negatively affect winter wheat crops.

In Argentina , the recent rains, although delayed the harvesting of corn, replenished soil moisture reserves and accelerated the sowing of winter wheat, with which, according to the BAGE exchange, 19.5% of the planned 6.3 million hectares were sown. Next week, a cold front will cover the region with frost, which will slow the development of wheat crops.

In the Mediterranean, it has been raining for several weeks, which improves soil moisture and helps regions that have suffered from drought. However, northern Europe remains dry and needs additional moisture. Separate rains fell in some areas of Germany and Poland, but they were insufficient. France and Great Britain will experience heavy rainfall in the coming days, while Germany and Poland will remain dry.

In the Black Sea region, soil moisture is sufficient, and additional rains are expected, especially in the east of Ukraine . At the weekend, rainfall will occur in the central and western regions, where a moisture deficit has been felt since May.

The Black Sea region of the Russian Federation experienced heavy downpours that led to flooding and crop damage, but improved prospects for winter wheat and barley harvests, while precipitation deficits persisted in the eastern regions where spring wheat is grown.

In Kazakhstan , temperatures and precipitation are below normal, which negatively affects the development of grain crops, although overall weather conditions remain satisfactory.

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