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Great Britain’s pig prices battle on

Finished pig prices rose again in the latest week, despite facing increasing headwinds. In the week ending 24 July, the EU-spec SPP lifted 0.24p to average 160.90p/kg.

Estimated slaughter fell noticeably last week, and although picking up slightly this week, it remained broadly at a lower level of only 166,000 head.

Reports continue to cite ongoing challenges with staffing in processing plants, as well as an increasing number of producers having pigs rolled. Fewer killing days at several plants appears to be limiting throughputs, and possibly prices too, threatening future rises in the SPP. Pig prices on the continent are softening, adding to the bearish picture.

Carcase weights averaged 86.61kg, a gain of 270g on last week.

The EU-spec APP lifted in the week ending 17 July to average 164.92p/kg. The measure is now 3.5p below the price for the same week in 2020. This further narrowed the gap compared to the SPP to 4.26p.

In the week ending 24 July, 7kg weaners averaged £39.75/head, although it was not possible to produce a price for 30kg animals.



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