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Foodstuff imports from EU up by over 13% in 2020

Ukraine in 2020 imported foodstuff worth US$3.5 billion from the European Union countries, which was 13.4% up from 2019 (US$3.1 billion).

In total, imports of agricultural products stood at US$6.9 billion in monetary terms, which was also 13% up year-on-year, the press service of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics” said on its website on February 11.

“Last year, EU member states strengthened their position as major suppliers of agricultural products to Ukraine. The cost of supplies from Europe increased from US$3.13 billion in 2019 to US$3.55 billion in 2020. The share of European countries exceeded half of domestic imports of agricultural products having reached 51.6%,” the report said.

Since 2017, Poland has topped the rating of Ukraine’s major suppliers. Last year, imports from Poland totaled US$828 million, which was 25% up against 2019.

It is followed by Germany (US$504 million), Italy (US$498 million), Turkey (US$485 million), the United States (US$300 million), and France (US$296 million).

Traditionally, the following product groups account for the lion’s share of Ukraine’s food product imports: fruits, berries, and nuts (US$795 million), fish and crustaceans (US$680 million), alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (US$587 million), tobacco (US$557 million), various food products (US$485 million), cocoa beans and chocolate (US$376 million), and oilseeds (US$319 million).

“Last year, these products accounted for 55% of Ukraine’s total agri-food imports in monetary terms,” the press service said.


Ukraine’s Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture said exports of agricultural products from Ukraine in 2020 remained almost unchanged against 2019 (US$22.2 billion), while imports grew by 14% (to US$6.5 billion).

In addition, Ukraine in 2020 reduced exports of agricultural products to the European Union countries by 10.8%, to EUR 6.53 billion.



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