“Farmers Stealing Tanks”: a game based on the war in Ukraine was launched on the network

Farmers Stealing Tanks popped up on Itch, letting players fulfil their fantasy of being a Ukrainian farmer that is getting tons of armour that ran out of fuel.

War in Ukraine is a tragedy but humans can produce a few laugh-worthy events even in times as dire as these. One source of comedy happened to be the Ukrainian farmers who relentlessly towed Russian APCs and tanks for weeks.

Should the war end in Ukraine’s favour, these individuals will be richer thanks to having expensive war machines parked in their backyard. In the worst-case scenario, if these vehicles are disabled beyond repair, that’s still several tons of scrap metal.

The phenomenon was made into a game by PixelForest , as the players can now hop into their tractor and tow any tanks that run out of fuel. The game is filled to the brim with references to notable events, symbology and stereotypes.

Tractor-driving farmer’s objective is to tow as many tanks as possible to their barn while avoiding fire. Picking up Nemiroff Vodka results in a speed boost while any tanks blown up by their allies spawn a small field of sunflowers. Additionally, since the tractor has some drifting capabilities, you can ram tanks with the one you’re towing, which produces a health pack along with the aforementioned sunflower field.

Farmers Stealing Tanks

Each tank that is towed successfully provides a small confetti celebration in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and the finishing screen provides a slogan to boost morale. You can also find a link to donate below the screen, as this is a browser game anyone can play at any time.



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