Export of wheat from Russia in January may average about 2.2 million tons


Russia in January can export 2.1-2.3 million tons of wheat (taking into account the EAEU countries), which is 36% less than a year ago (3.45 million tons), follows from the data of the analytical center of Rusagrotrans, based on the current rates of shipment and applications in ports.

According to the head of the center Igor Pavensky, a year ago, at this time, exports sharply intensified before the introduction of duties and quotas. At the same time, the January volume this year will be higher than it was exported in January 2019 (1.9 million tons).

Pavensky also said that in July-December 2021, wheat exports, according to the center, amounted to about 21.7 million tons. This is somewhat lower than expected. The reason is the drop in shipments at the end of December due to adverse weather conditions. Then the monthly export volume amounted to 3.26 million tons. In general, grain exports in July-December 2021 turned out to be 18.4% lower than in the same period in 2020 (26.6 million tons).

The forecast of the center for wheat exports in the current agricultural year (July 2021-June 2022) is about 33.4 million tons against 39 million tons in the last agricultural year.

Export prices for Russian wheat (protein 12.5%) for delivery in February decreased by $6 over the week to $327 per ton (FOB). At the same time, demand is at a level closer to $325 per ton, while supply is above $330 per ton. “Against the background of lower prices in other countries, there is high competition with French, Eastern European and Argentinean wheat,” Pavensky said.

Prices for grade 4 wheat (protein 12.5%) in deep water ports remained at the level of 16,800-17,100 rubles per ton (without VAT), while a year ago the price was 18,050 rubles per ton. Purchase prices for low water also did not change and were at the level of 15,600 rubles per ton (excluding VAT). Last year they were about 17,000 rubles per ton.

The domestic market in the European part of the country remained practically unchanged, activity was low, Pavensky stated.



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