EU imports of Ukrainian chicken up by almost 20% in Jan

Ukraine in January 2020 boosted chicken meat supplies to the European Union by 18.7% year-over-year (y-o-y), to 9,700 tonnes.

At the same time, Ukraine retained third position among top exporters of chicken meat to the EU, following Thailand (26,400 tonnes) and Brazil (27,400 tonnes), according to an April report by the European Commission.

However, Ukraine in January reduced poultry imports from the EU by 26.3%, to 11,800 tonnes. Ukraine also ranks third among the major importers of European chicken meat, following Ghana (16,500 tonnes) and the Philippines (21,400 tonnes).

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine in 2019 exported 134,260 tonnes of chicken meat (8.6% up) to the European Union, having become one of the world's TOP 3 suppliers to the EU, according to the report drawn by the European Commission. Ukrainian agribusinesses in 2019 produced 1 million tonnes of fresh and frozen chicken meat and by-products, according to the State Statistics Service.



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