During the week, 18 ships with 664,000 tons of food left Ukrainian ports

Source:  UkrAgroConsult

During the week, 18 vessels exported 664 thousand tons of food from the ports of Greater Odesa as part of the “Grain Initiative”. This is a third less than the export volumes of the week before last.

In particular, 60 thousand tons of wheat were shipped to Kenya, 56 thousand tons to Bangladesh, and 60 thousand tons of Ukrainian oil to India.

The rate of vessels leaving ports remains critically low at 2.5 vessels per day. This is the figure that was at the beginning of the Grain Initiative, when export volumes were insignificant. At the same time, the number of vessels that are inspected in the Bosphorus and are allowed to move to Ukrainian ports for loading also does not exceed 3 vessels per day.

In the Bosphorus, the Russian side in the JCC continues to block the implementation of the initiative and artificially increase the queue of ships.
As of today, 117 vessels are awaiting inspection in Turkish territorial waters (92 are sailing to ports for loading, and 25 are already carrying agricultural products). Last week, only 20 inspections took place against the minimum required 84.

The registration of ships to participate in the initiative is also hampered: out of more than 80 ships applied for, the Russians register an average of only 2-3 vessels daily without explanation.

These factors are slowing down the implementation of the Grain Initiative: we are seeing a decline in exports by almost 30% compared to the previous month, which means that the world is not receiving the right amount of agricultural products. The vast majority of countries receive it with huge delays due to the downtime of ships in the Bosporus. We are waiting for the reaction of our partners in the Grain Deal – Turkey and the UN.

Currently, 21 vessels are being handled in the ports of Greater Odesa. They are loading almost 1 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products. Only 3 vessels are moving along the grain corridor for loading.

Since August 1, 687 vessels have left the ports of Greater Odesa, exporting 18.9 million tons of Ukrainian food to Asia, Europe and Africa. If the grain corridor was functioning stably, this figure would have been over 28 million tons.

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