Ukraine. Export of grain and oilseed crops for 2022 – 2023

экспорт зерно

Export of grain through the grain corridor

Results of the export of agricultural products along the “grain corridor” in Ukraine

On September 14, the Ministry of Infrastructure posted on its Facebook page the results of food exports across the Black Sea. Ukraine for 45 days of the “grain corridor” was able to export more than 3.1 million tons of agricultural products to the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa.

How does the “grain corridor” work?

Sea export of agricultural products through the “grain corridor” was resumed on August 1. According to the terms of the signed agreement, the shipment of grain from Ukraine is carried out in three ports of the “Big Odesa”: Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdenniy (Odesa region). Bulk carriers loaded in Ukrainian ports form a caravan. The caravan, along with the leading vessel, is sent to Turkey for an inspection check. Vessels that successfully pass it will be able to continue moving along the agreed course.

The grain corridor in Ukraine works in a two-way direction: the same number of ships entering ports for grain loading are then returning to the ports of destination.

For 45 days of operation, Ukrainian Black Sea ports received 134 vessels. They loaded 3.1 million tons of various agricultural products: corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, soybeans and vegetable oil. Food is exported to countries:

  • Asia — 71 ships were sent with 1.4 million tons of agricultural products;
  • Europe – 44 vessels, 1.1 million tons;
  • Africa – 19 vessels, 0.6 million tons.

On the African continent, the main consumer of Ukrainian grain crops is Egypt. When grain exports through the grain corridor were resumed, 10 ships were sent to Egypt, 3 ships to Sudan, and 1 ship to Kenya, Algeria, Somalia, Djibouti and Libya.

The nuances of the “grain agreement” between Ukraine and Russia

The grain deal between Ukraine and Russia was concluded on July 22, 2022 in Istanbul through the mediation of the UN and Turkey. Its goal is to unblock the three ports of “Big Odesa” and create a safe humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea from the Ukrainian coast to the Bosporus in order to resume the export of agricultural products. In Ukraine, due to the war started by Russia, 20-25 million tons of grain were blocked.

The deal did not provide for direct agreements between Kyiv and Moscow. Both sides made commitments to Ankara and the UN. The agreement on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports was signed by Ukraine, Turkey and the UN. The mirror document was signed by Russia, Turkey and the UN. The term of the contract is 120 days with the possibility of extension. It stipulates that ships located in the ports of “Big Odesa” and designated corridors cannot be attacked. The fulfillment of the terms of the agreement is controlled by the joint coordination center, which is located in Istanbul.

Ukraine sent the first merchant ship loaded with corn from the port of Odesa on August 1. The next day, it arrived in Istanbul, where it passed an inspection check and headed for Lebanon. After the successful testing of the “grain corridor”, the first caravan of three ships loaded in the ports of Odesa and Chornomorsk set off.

The authorities of Ukraine are carrying out all the necessary work so that the ports of “Great Odesa” in a short time can export 3-4 million tons of agricultural business product monthly. Before the start of the war, the volume of such cargo was almost 5 million tons per month. The economy of Ukraine will be able to receive billions of profits.