Due to the destruction of the Kakhovka HPP, Crimea may be left without water supply for years

Source:  Delo.ua
Кримський канал

The explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant will have huge consequences for Crimea, as the peninsula will be left without water for years. By their actions, the Russians have made things worse for themselves as well. Igor Syrota, General Director of Ukrhydroenergo, said this during the telethon.

According to him, the Crimean Canal will soon be left without water, as there will be no water in the reservoir.

Crimea is highly dependent on water supply from the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. If its dam is blown up, it will be an environmental disaster, as the peninsula will be left without water for several years.

The Kherson region will feel the consequences of the hydroelectric power plant explosion most acutely. To provide the population with drinking water in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, new wells will be drilled in the near future and water will be transferred from other reservoirs, including the Dnipro cascade.

Currently, the plant is already under water and further erosion of hydraulic structures is underway.

Mr. Syrota emphasized that if the lower concrete border of the reservoir survives, the water level will remain at about 3 meters, but if not, there will be a “dead point” – all the water will be drained from the reservoir.

Ukraine will need to quickly solve the problem of water supply to the Crimean peninsula after de-occupation. This will require the construction of a new station.

Experts are already developing plans on how to quickly fence off the dam so that the upstream reservoirs can be filled from the Kakhovka reservoir.


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